About Us

About Us

Welcome to Baby Cinemas

In the land of Kuthuparamba, we are elated to establish a movie house providing you with awesome facilities "BABY CINEMAS" .Now it’s time to entertain you with movie. The cinema viewers of Kuthuparamba had the opportunity to view the cinema through with 2K DIGITAL 3D screens. This magnificent theatre has two screens with worlds No.1 screen Harkness clarus 220. This Centralized Air conditioned theatre is spread out with the total capacity. Adorned with well quipped highend DOLBY 7.1 sound system, with comfortable push back seats.

"BABY CINEMAS" has ample parking area with experienced security staff. Well furnished neat and tidy toilets. There is a variety of refreshment available at the canteen. Stringent hygiene norms are followed at both the canteen to offer the best refreshments to our valued viewers. The canteen foods prepared by the famous bakers in kuthuparamba: Baby Bakers.

"BABY CINEMAS" centrally located on the busiest road in Kuthuparamba city, is an easy access to students, residents and professionals of all age groups. "BABY CINEMAS" is considered as the advertising destination point for the advertisers for they are sure, in getting a phenomenal touch point with potential customers. We enjoy the standard rate-staff, projectionist and managers with 25 years experience to garner reputation for being well–run and successful venue. We believe in bookings of films from major distributors.

Commencement of the advance booking starts from every morning. Separate counters for ladies is available, we ensure the finest hospitality to our viewers as they will definitely enjoy the magical movie experience through all the films presented from "BABY CINEMAS" .

The Management : Baby Group

Till now, with the name Baked goods have good demand in malabar side. Especialy in kouthuparamba Baby Products have same demand. Its because of the quality they maintain. Over 25years of success. The start was not as we see now. From a single shop, They were succeeded and now three shops and two production units.


Luxurious interiors

Air conditioning & Ultra elegant seats

Two Screens with 2K DIGITAL 3D

DOLBY 7:1 Sound System

Worlds No. 1 Screen - Harkness clarus 220

High end sound system and projection

Night vision surveillance cameras inside the theatre

Best in town parking area inside the compound

Advance reservation facilities


Online ticketing facility